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Taking care of your core strength is going to improve your balance and flexibility, which you’ll notice as you go about your day. You are less likely to get injured and you may even notice that lower back pain begin to fade. You literally will be sitting up and taking notice, as protecting your core also improves your posture. Putting your core first is a really smart move.

Let’s take a look at this carefully curated full-body workout bundle.

RESISTANCE BANDS– With soft handles for a comfortable grip. Adding extra resistance to your workout engages more muscles and helps you build strength. Made from strong non-loosening elastic which is covered in ruby red fabric. With regular use, you will enhance the definition of your arms and upper body.
BOOTY BAND- Adding a booty band to your squats, lunges and kick-backs will take your workout to the next level. Made from a soft, but strong fabric that doesn’t loosen over time. The inside of the booty band is non-slip helping to keep it in place as push yourself to your limits.
CORE SLIDERS- Are you looking for an exercise that will really engage your core? These double-sided core sliders are the answer to your core strengthing prayers. Used correctly and regularly you notice a drastic improvement in your core strength and balance. You can use them on carpets or hard surfaces.
HEAVY-DUTY SKIPPING ROPE– There’s no doubt about it, skipping rope, GETS YOU FIT. It’s a full-body workout that will protect your bones, build muscle, improve your fitness and boost your aerobic ability. Fitting easily into your bag, you can take this little powerhouse of fitness anywhere. With a. steel rope which is coated in weatherproof plastic, you can confidently get your skip on in the park or at the gym. The rope is fully adjustable giving you a comfortable workout and allowing you to focus on specific areas of your body whilst you build your stamina.

Strengthening your core is a smart fitness move. Grab your full-body workout bundle now!

Also available in Hot pink and Lime.

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